What is Spirituality? What makes us Spiritual being?

Spirituality is really a broad term having its different aspect in different worlds. Spirituality i can say is when our soul longings for its origin(God). In our life, there comes a time when we all experience the feeling of being loneliness. We find every worldly affairs with us but still experience the feeling of being loneliness. We don’t like the worldly affairs to amuse us. That is the craving of the soul towards the God. When we make action to reach to the God, that makes us spiritual being. It’s not as easy as to read this all. Being spiritual is very difficult but not impossible. Being one with the one(God) who is the creator of all the worlds. The purpose of this human birth is to get back to the true home(Sachkhand). Where we will realize we are no different being. We realize the truth of being one and feel the totality and integration. There is only love. God is nothing but the Love. A pleasure that is for eternity.  (more…)


Forgive The Past, Forgive The People ! 

Forgive the past. It is over. Learn from it and let it go. We see people are constantly changing and growing. Do not cling to a limited, disconnected, negative image of a person in the past. See that person now. Your relationship is always alive and changing. Just cheer live it upto maximum. Do not know what moment will be our/their last moment.

Do not regret over the past instead just learn from it. We keep our ego foremost and just get cling to something that happened in the past. As we grow in, we realize life is something beyond this. Happiness is in forgetting past and in forgiving people.


Teachings Of The Saints 

Every time a Saint,  a true and perfect Master comes is this world, everyone of them has the same message and the same teachings to impart. No Saint or no perfect master,  comes into this world to create religion, to divide people, to set one nation or one religion against each other. They come to the world to show us the path that simply leads to our true home, where there is only love exist. But after a master departs, what we do? We give his teachings the form of an organized religion. Then we start fighting with one another and forget the real teachings very soon.

Saints do not come into the word of their own will. They are always appointed and  sent by the father. Niether do they desired to preach nor do they want to initiate anybody by themselves. Whenever lord wishes, He himself sends a perfect master to collect the marked souls. 

Christ speaks of “the father which hath sent me” and “for I came down from heaven, not to do my own will, but the will of him that sent me”

Guru Arjan, speaking about his coming of the Saints to this world, says

They are beyond both birth and death. 

They, the compassionate and merciful ones, 

Come to grant new life and kindle devotion, 

And enables the soul to meet the Lord.

Saints may be born in East or in West, in any country, caste or creed- it doesn’t make any difference. The only purpose of every Mystics is to come and to put us on the path that leads to God-realization and to take us back to our eternal home, to the level of The Father. 

Something To Think About 

⌚As I grown up with time I realized, whether I wear a watch of Rs. 3000 or of Rs. 30000. Both will show the same time

🎒whether I have a bag of RS. 3000 or of RS.30000. There will be no change in the stuff inside. 
🏘 Whether I live in a house of 300-yard or of 3000-yard. The feeling of loneliness will be the same.

🛩At the end I also came to know that whether I start my journey by sitting in business class or in economy Class, I will reach my destination only at the same time.

💰👦🏻👧🏻So do not encourage your children to be rich, but teach them how they can stay happy. And when grown up, they only see the importance of things instead their worth.

🌍 Do not indulge with the world and its affairs too much because it is mortal, but put it to religion because it is the rest of the world …

A French minister had said
🎳 Branded things are the biggest lies in the trading world, whose purpose is to extort money from the rich but poor people are heavily influenced.

📱Is it necessary that I should walk with the Iphone so that people consider me wise and sensible?

🍔 Is it necessary that I eat in Mac or Kfc everyday so people do not understand that I’m stingy?

🏋🏼Is it necessary that I go to the Downtown Cafe for exercise with friends so that people understand that I am from a noble family?

⛸Is it necessary for me to wear Gucci, Lacoste, Adidas or Nike clothes so that Gentlemen is called?

🔠Is it necessary for me to include some English words in every detail so that I should call it decent?

📻Is it necessary that I listen to Adele or Rihanna so that I can prove that I have got mature?

Not at all my dear friend !!!
👕My clothes are bought from ordinary shops,

🍛 I can go with my friends at any dhaba, 

🥜If I feel hungry, i do not even think of any insult in eating from any stall,

I speak in my straightforward language. If i may want,  I can do everything that is written above
But …. 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👦‍👦I have seen such people those who can take a full week-long ration in the price of a shirt bought from my Adidas.
🍱🍱I have also seen such families that can make one time meal for all their family members at a price of Mac burger. 

Just I have found this secret here that money is not everything.  People who judge others from their outer appearance should immediately get their treatment. 
The true value of human origin is its ethics, behavior, way of reconciliation, sympathy and brotherhood. Not that it’s outer appearance. 

At the end I would like to say stop showing offs and just enjoy the life with what you can afford. 


Not The Time To Only Think… 

As we choose the path of spirituality that leads us to tatality, higher form of living, our true home where everyone of us want to get there. What we have done so far right from the time we start following spiritual path? As a seeker what is the need of the hour? If we question ourself what changes we have seen in us from then to now! Is there any change?? 

What we try to do is  collecting the knowledge. In the process of collecting knowledge rather going inside we are just astraying outside.  we are thinking too much and wasting time to get the knowledge that is something like merely theory that is of no worth.  We know almost everything what we need to do. And still thinks that we will get something better from outside. But practical knowledge that we will get from inside through meditation is something different. That knowledge will cause change in our behavior, our anger, lust, selfishness. If we want to get something that is valuable then need to think lesser and act more. Meditation is the only way to get the true knowledge. That can’t be described or get understood through worldly affairs. We know everything what is good for us and what is bad. Now the time when we have to act. As this is not the time to only think but the time to make efforts, go inside and get the truth, totality within us. Only then we can see the change in us.  

What does God want from us? 

What Does God Want From US
Right from our childhood till today we have been telling our wants to our God. Every day we put our desires before God. There might pass a single day when we don’t put our demand before the one whom we worship. But have we ever thought what our God wants from us?? What his expectations are from us?? Does he want our money?? Does he want our possessions?? What actually he wants?? Do we care?? He doesn’t want anything, all the relationships, money, possessions, everything that we posses is the grace​ of the Almighty. He doesn’t need of these for sure but he wants us to appreciate all these possessions. He wants us to express our love by actions not merely through words. He wants us to be content whatever he has given us. He wants us to see pain and pleasure the same thing. He wants us to be in his will. He is the creater of universes. He is perfect. He is omniscient. He is omnipotent. He is omnipresent. It doesn’t require to tell him what we want, what we are going through. He knows everything. He knows exactly what we are going through. Just need to surrender ourself and stay under the shelter of his will. He is capable of doing anything. He has every potential. So all we need to appreciate what we have and what we are going through. He wants us to appreciate rather complaining. Whether in pain or pleasure just don’t forget to appreciate.

Our Desires Causes Disappointments

Desire is a sense of longing, hoping or want for a person or other worldly affairs. We have so may desires. Everytime we see something that attracts us anyhow there create a desire to get . When it gets strong we call it craving. Our actions are basically dependent on our desires.  

 Desires are the fundamental motivations of all human action.

Thomas Hobbes

In our life we are panic just because of our desires. We all have so many desires. But is it possible that every desire of us will get fulfilled? Never, and when these desires don’t get fulfilled we get disappointed. Rather appreciating what we have we start yelling for something we don’t get. Desiring and action to fulfil the desire is the tendency of the mind. What we all need to do is to channelise this tendency. First of all we should try to curtail our desires. Second, we should desire only of those that will take us toward the God. Something that will take us away from our spiritual life, we should give up that desire. All we had experienced that whenever we have some desire, we try to fulfill that desire and at the same time we think everything will get settle down by achieving this desire. But actually what happens after the fulfillment of the desire, there are more desires our mind puts out in front of us. And again we start achieving those. In the process when we don’t achieve, again we start yelling. What can set aside us from all these disappointments? Limit your desires and just desire or crave for the one. Think bigger. Differentiate what will take you to God and what will take you away from God. Desires are natural, we can’t avoid desiring. Desires have no end. The more we fulfill the more we get trapped. Just be content with what you have. Appreciate everything what God has given us. Thank him for his grace.